Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois BohemeBourgeois Boheme were born the night they overheard a French tourist derogatively calling “bobo” the trendy restaurant he was dining in. They grew up among signature cocktails and greasy pavements, in between popular parties and empty looks, they gathered glitter and despair and decided to turn them into music.

Defining their music as ironic pop, Bourgeois Boheme tread a thin line between the meaningless and the meaningful, the passive and the political thus unveiling the falsehoods behind our certainties. Bourgeois Boheme is the name of the personal project of music producer Theodore Zefkilis (Tango with Lions, Marietta Fafouti, Planet of Zeus etc.), an informal vignette of his course in the field of alternative music. The project, which initially consisted of fragmentary notes taken in between recordings and music productions, reached its final shape with the participation of friends.

Bourgeois Boheme are:

Theodore Zefkilis – Vocals
Panagiotis Argiris – Bass
Nikos Vergetis – Drums
Kostas Kapsimallis – Guitar
Giannis Papadias – Guitar
Maria Sachpasidi – Keyboards