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Flying Jazz Trio - Nostalgia

Flying Jazz Trio – Nostalgia

Stefanos Andreadis and George Kontrafouris have been friends and colleagues for many years. They both teaches Jazz, in the music department of Ionian University. Vasilis Podaras-Billy Pod (who was a student of them and now one of the most creative jazz drummer of Athens), joined them in 2017. The three of them created a jazz trio, the music of which captivate and takes you away in every concert they give.

A new album (7 original compositions of Stefanos) came out by L39 with the title “flying jazz trio- Nostalgia”, in both cds and vinyl records.

In May 2010, he recorded with Dimos Dimitriadis, George Kontrafouris and Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis, his first personal album which includes 8 songs of his composition. Flying Jazz is a modern jazz quartet built around the electronic sound of Hammond Organ (the album realized in September 2013. In December 2015, Stefanos recorded the second ‘Flying Jazz’ Album (To Eternity) and published in April 2017 by Ankh Jazz label) with the same group and the contribution of the trumpet player Andreas Polizogopoulos.

Digital album: Bandcamp

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Vinyl: €22.00

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